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Viva milk packs
Viva milk packs
  • Now with 30% less sugar*
  • New paper straw
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Same great taste**
  • No artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or sweeteners
  • Recyclable carton and straw
  • Low in fat
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Milk Matters!

Around 90% of an adult skeleton is formed by the age of 18.

natural source of calcium
Naturally high in protein

Calcium, protein and vitamin D are all needed to help you grow healthy bones.

Milk is a great natural source of calcium and it’s naturally high in protein too. We add Vitamin D to VIVA Milk so that your body can easily absorb the calcium, helping you develop strong, healthy bones!

Viva milk with added vitamin
Viva cow, now with paper straw

Viva News

Now with a Paper Straw !

We are incredibly proud to bring this innovation to market. It’s been a companywide initiative, taking over 12 months to complete. It means we’re helping to reduce both yours and our use of single use plastics.

Made with material that carries the Forest Stewardship Certification, the best way to ensure the carton and straw are recycled is:

  1. Enjoy all of your VIVA Flavoured Milk
  2. Push the straw into the carton
  3. Pop it in the bin

Want to Know More?

For more information, just call our Care Team on 0845 130 0307

Brought to you by Lakeland Dairies, a farmer owned, farmer controlled Irish dairy co-operative with a proud heritage of excellence in dairy farming spanning over 120 years.

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*compared to the flavoured milk category average

**Cambridge Direction Research 2019, new vs old recipe

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